Why an Economics Diploma is the Perfect Pathway to Master’s Study

flexible graduate diploma programmes.jpgMany students hope to study economics at Master’s level

All around the world, more and more people are realising just how important economics is in modern society. From informing public policy to helping businesses plan for the future, having an understanding of economics can be crucial for individuals with ambitions in a wide range of fields.

As a result, people from increasingly diverse backgrounds are now seeking higher education in the subject, particularly at Master’s level. Unfortunately, those without undergraduate degrees in the subject often find it difficult to gain acceptance to quality economics programmes, with most universities requiring some academic background in the field.

If this is the case for you, a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of London International Programmes could be the key to helping your transition to a Master’s course.

An Economics Diploma from the University of London Will Make Your Application Credible

Competition for places on top economics Master’s programmes can be fierce, and it can be hard for those without undergraduate degrees in the area to write a convincing application. Even if you have work experience in the area, many top-class universities may be reluctant to take a chance on someone who has never studied the subject at university level.

Having a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of London on your CV can make all the difference. The University of London’s name is universally respected as a mark of quality and excellence among educators, and communicating that you have studied economics with such a prestigious institution will no doubt reflect that you have the academic skills needed for a challenging Master’s course.

gradip in economics.jpgA qualification from the University of London will help make your application credible   

Learn From the Finest Minds in the Field during Your Graduate Diploma in Economics

Tackling a complex subject like economics for the first time at Master’s level can be particularly daunting for students. Even if you have some understanding of economic principles and concepts, there may be gaps in your knowledge in crucial areas.

A Graduate Diploma will help you address these issues, giving you the foundation you need to be fully prepared for Master’s study.  And because the programme is developed with academic direction from the world-renowned London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), you can be assured that you are getting the very best education available from some of the most respected minds in the field.

By choosing to study through CEG ONLINE you will receive expert study support too, with highly qualified course tutors who are all recruited from within the University of London available to offer guidance at any time during your studies. This unique support is available both as part of your full Graduate Diploma package when you study with CEG ONLINE, and as a standalone service for existing University of London International Programme students. It is also available if you only need support for individual modules. And the best part is that CEG ONLINE is the only provider offering course support entirely online—so you can study from wherever you are!

Pathway to Master's in economics.jpgUniversity of London International Programme students can receive specific online support from CEG ONLINE

Get an Economics Graduate Diploma from a Globally Respected Institution from Anywhere in the World

Finding an Economics Graduate Diploma programme with proven credentials can be difficult. You might find that there are no suitable courses available in your local area, or that the programmes on offer do not suit your schedule. With the University of London International Programmes  and by choosing to get study support from CEG ONLINE, however, you can obtain a qualification from one of the world’s top universities from anywhere in the world, studying wherever and whenever is convenient for you.

CEG ONLINE’s sophisticated virtual learning environment (VLE) and personalised online support gives you all the benefits of a classroom-based course and everything you need to help you achieve your goal of progressing to Master’s study.  

Seeking a pathway to a Master’s in Economics?

Contact CEG ONLINE to find out about our Graduate Diploma programme!

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