Unhappy with Your Graduate Diploma Results? Improve with CEG ONLINE's Distance Learning Support

flexible graduate diploma programmes-1.jpgTutor-led tuition support can help you improve your Graduate Diploma exam results

Completing a graduate diploma through the University of London is a rewarding, but challenging undertaking. Because of this, it sometimes happens that students do not meet the level of achievement they desire on their exams.

If you are a current student in a Graduate Diploma programme and have received a failing grade on your exam, you may find it useful to remain enrolled for an additional year and purchase supplemental online learning support from CEG ONLINE.

This flexible, tutor-led tuition support is available to students enrolled with the University of London International Programmes. It offers valuable assistance and resources that can complement your study routine and help you avoid failing your exam for a second time.

Read on to find out more about the advantages of online tuition support.

Personalise Your Online Learning Support Package for Your Needs

Tuition support from CEG ONLINE can be tailored to your individual needs. You may choose to get additional support for all the courses in your Graduate Diploma programme, or select particular courses where you need to improve.

Whatever you choose, you will get access to weekly lectures and other study support resources for each course that you wish to receive assistance for. In the lead-up to your exams, you can also purchase guided exam preparation for either individual modules or your full course to further aid your studies.

All of these options apply equally to the University of London’s Economics, Management, Finance, E-Business & Social Media, and Digital Innovation Graduate Diploma programmes and you can get precise, personalised, and useful support to help you pass your exam.

distance learning support.jpgPersonalise distance learning assistance to get the material you need

CEG ONLINE’s Training and Support is Led by Expert Tutors

Attention from knowledgeable tutors is at the core of the online training and support offered by CEG ONLINE. Each tutor is selected as an expert in their respective field. They have extensive experience with online teaching, and a real passion for helping students to find success.

By signing up for online tuition support, you will be able to enjoy personal interactions with your tutors. This includes support with particular questions you might have, and feedback to help improve your understanding of course material and prepare you for exams. This type of expert assistance will allow you to make breakthroughs in your understanding in any areas of your course that you find challenging, and help to ensure that you pass your exams when you next sit them.

Gain Access to CEG ONLINE’s Virtual Learning Environment for Collaboration & Study

CEG ONLINE’s distance learning support  is delivered through a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment (VLE) that makes it easy to enjoy high-quality online study and collaboration. At one level, the VLE is a forum for engaging in discussion with fellow students and tutors. It offers a convenient way to interact with other individuals in your field of study, and exchange observations and ideas about your course material in pursuit of deeper learning.

online training and support.jpgDiscussions in CEG ONLINE’s virtual learning environment can improve your understanding of your coursework

The VLE also serves as a place to access presentations, videos, exam preparation material, study skills instruction, and other useful material. These can help you enhance your understanding of key concepts from your course, and improve your chances of finding success in your exams.

Making use of this service can help you avoid the pitfalls of studying on your own by introducing greater structure and valuable academic dialogue to your routine. It's a perfect solution for any student who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of their course material and achieve a better result in their Graduate Diploma programme.

Do you want to pursue a top academic qualification in a productive environment?

Contact CEG ONLINE to learn more about our flexible graduate diploma programmes!

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