Take Your Career in New Directions with a Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation

flexible programme in digital innovation.jpgTechnological advancements have created demand for individuals with expertise in Digital Innovation

It is clear that business and technology go together: from the rise of Silicon Valley, to the automation of manufacturing processes, to the increasing importance of data, we have seen that elevated technological capacities have major implications for what it means to run a successful business venture.

This is great news for students looking for qualifications that will help them in careers that serve a wide range of organisations and that will continue to be relevant in the future. A Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation from the University of London is one such qualification – keep reading to find out how this course can take your career to new and exciting places. 

What Does it Mean to Study Digital Innovation?

At its simplest, digital innovation might be understood as information systems for the digital age. Experts in digital innovation work to understand how digital technologies impact the creation and sharing of information, and work to use this insight to make businesses more efficient, capable, and prosperous. Different from computer science or software engineering, disciplines in which one studies technology itself, digital innovation is a field of study in which one learns how to mobilise this technology in the interests of today’s organisations – a skill set valued by many employers.

graduate diploma in digital innovation.jpgDigital innovation brings information technologies together to benefit organisations

The Graduate Diploma in Digital Innovation offered by the University of London provides participants with this skill set using top-quality course materials developed by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and delivered by leading academics. By pursuing a diploma in digital innovation, you will build a solid foundational knowledge of information systems tailored to the digital age, including:

  • Project management
  • Information systems theory
  • Information governance
  • Business intelligence
  • Resource planning
  • Knowledge management

With these tools in your repertoire, you will have the expertise and contextual knowledge you need to demonstrate your value to employers and open many doors in your career.

An Online Diploma in Digital Innovation Gives You Cross-Sector Appeal

So, what exactly does expertise in digital innovation make possible for your career? In any organisation that makes use of information systems, there is potential for improvement with digital systems and applications. LSE Professor Will Venters – the course lead of the University of London’s online Diploma in Digital Innovation – has suggested that machines and information systems are acquiring increasing computing power and data access that allows for far more complex decision-making. This increase in capacity can result in major changes to the business models and organisational structures of many institutions, whether in the public or private sector, that must be guided by knowledgeable professionals if they are to be successful.

online diploma in digital innovation.jpgLead your organisation into the digital era with a graduate diploma from the University of London

As such, the University of London’s diploma programme is a great option for students who want to be prepared for roles managing digital technology in IT services, banking, consultancy, financial services, government agencies, and more. In addition, with an international cohort of online classmates at a prestigious institution, your diploma programme will help you to grow your professional network, making it even easier for you to discover new opportunities as you move through your digital innovation career.

A flexible programme in Digital Innovation can put you at the forefront of developments in the Information Systems industry.

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