Get the Respect Your Experience and Expertise Deserves with a Graduate Diploma in Management

Posted by CEG ONLINE on Jul 26, 2017 5:30:49 PM

A lot of great managers have no formal qualifications in the area

Working your way up to a management level position in an organisation is an achievement, particularly if you do not have academic qualifications in your field. It shows determination, work ethic, and a real willingness to learn and grow on the job.

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Why an Economics Diploma is the Perfect Pathway to Master’s Study

Posted by CEG ONLINE on Jul 21, 2017 1:30:45 PM

Many students hope to study economics at Master’s level

All around the world, more and more people are realising just how important economics is in modern society. From informing public policy to helping businesses plan for the future, having an understanding of economics can be crucial for individuals with ambitions in a wide range of fields.

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Looking to Break into the Financial Sector? Invest by studying Online for a Graduate Diploma in Finance

Posted by CEG ONLINE on Jul 19, 2017 4:42:52 PM

Begin a career in the financial sector by completing a Graduate Diploma in Finance

A career in finance is a dream for many people, and one that offers tons of possibilities. Financial service professionals are in-demand all over the world, and work in a variety of different capacities with people and organisations in a diverse range of sectors.

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