How a Graduate Diploma in Management Can Help You Progress to a Master's Degree

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In recent years, the popularity of Master’s programmes in Management has been increasing. Last year’s Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey revealed that 58% of European Master’s in Management (MIM) programmes reported growth, as well 50% of those offered by US institutions.

MIM programmes are now seen as a good alternative to an MBA, as they are often more affordable, while still helping students to develop their leadership skills and expand their knowledge of key business areas like marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship. MSc and MA programmes in management, which usually have a more technical or academic focus, are also good options for students seeking further study in the area.

If you are considering a Master’s Degree, a Graduate Diploma can be an excellent way to strengthen your credentials and increase your chances of being accepted at a top institution. Read on to find out more.  

A Graduate Diploma in Management is the Perfect Introduction to Management Theory

Even if you have experience working in management, studying it as an academic subject can be very different. Students at Master’s level need to be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the underlying concepts and principles behind the subject, which can be complex.

A Graduate Diploma in Management is ideal for students who are entering the field for the first time. Through highly specialised courses like Principles of Marketing and Core Management Concepts, University of London students develop their knowledge of management theory, and learn to think critically about managerial challenges in an academic context.

CEG ONLINE’s tuition support also ensures that rather than self-study you can get regular feedback and guidance from tutors, giving you all the tools you need to make progress in these challenging areas and prepare for further study.

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A Graduate Diploma in Management is a Great Option if You Want to Study Abroad

Quality Master’s programmes in the management field are not available everywhere. MIM programmes, for instance, are far more common in Europe and the United States than other parts of the world, and students who want the best education available will often consider a number of different institutions in several countries.

With that in mind, an online programme from a universally recognised institution like the University of London can be an excellent choice for aspiring Master’s students. Because the University of London is known and respected by academics around the globe, your qualification should increase your chances of being accepted to Master’s programmes all over the world.

This means you can keep your options open and find the best programme for your needs, no matter where it takes you. The University of London’s Graduate Diploma is also globally focused, and courses like Business Management in a Global Context specifically emphasise the international dimension of the subject.

Boost Your Master’s Application by Gaining Experience While You Study

In the management field, professional experience can be a big advantage for students applying to Master’s programmes. Admissions departments recognise that for applicants who have spent time working in the area, this can really help them to understand how the academic concepts and principles of the subject are applied in real-world situations.

Because you are free to create your own study schedule, completing your Graduate Diploma online can allow you to pursue professional opportunities that will add to your application and impress top-level institutions. You can also continue to earn an income while you pursue your qualification, and might even be able to put some extra money aside for your Master’s studies.

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