Go Further in Your Financial Career with a Graduate Diploma in Finance

take an online programme in finance.jpgA formal finance qualification could be the key to taking your career to the next level

Is a lack of formal qualifications stopping you from making progress in your finance career? While many skilled individuals in the financial sector learn from experience, they can often reach a professional ceiling as their careers progress, with many more senior job opportunities open only to those who have studied the subject at university level.

This can put an ambitious professional in a difficult position. Do you take time away from work to get the training you need, placing an extra financial burden on yourself and halting your career progress? Or do you simply continue in your current position and try to find ways to improve your job prospects without additional study?

Fortunately, there is another option. By pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Finance online, you can gain the respected qualification you need quickly and easily, while still continuing to work full-time and move forward in your career. 

A Graduate Diploma in Finance from the University of London Will Be Recognised by Employers Worldwide

If you are pursuing education to get formal proof of your financial expertise, you want to be sure that you choose a course from an institution that commands real respect in the sector.

With a University of London Graduate Diploma in Finance, you can be sure that your qualification will be recognised by organisations all over the world, who will be familiar with the institution’s reputation for quality and excellence.

Additionally, with academic direction for your course provided by the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE),  potential employers will be assured that you have received the highest standard of training available, allowing you to access a wide range of exciting new career possibilities.

earn your  graduate diploma in finance.jpgThe London School of Economics provides academic direction for University of London Graduate Diploma programme in Finance

Expand Your Knowledge of Different Areas of the Finance Sector

Of course, an online programme in finance is not just about getting a respected qualification. It is also a valuable opportunity to expand your financial knowledge and learn valuable new skills in different areas of the field. The University of London’s Graduate Diploma programme is made up of four courses which offer a wealth of practical knowledge that can help you become a well-rounded professional.

The Financial Intermediation course, for example, is perfect for any student who would like to develop a deeper understanding of risk management in global banking, while Valuation and Securities Analysis will provide plenty of valuable insights for individuals who want more knowledge of areas like equity research and fund management.

The Corporate Finance and Investment Management courses will also introduce you to a variety of fascinating principles, concepts, and techniques that could be valuable in your day-to-day work.

Each of these courses are designed with the latest research and global best practices in mind, and by choosing CEG ONLINE’s tuition support you will ensure that you get plenty of guidance from qualified tutors to help you negotiate any aspects of your programme that you may find challenging.

Potential Career Paths for Those Pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Finance

The combination of your new knowledge and the prestige of a qualification from the University of London could help your career realise its true potential, opening up lucrative new opportunities that you never would have thought possible, both within your current organisation and with other employers.

Your qualification could be extremely valuable in helping increase your chances of landing more senior positions in banking or corporate finance, or even allow you take on new responsibilities in challenging areas like mergers and acquisitions, securities valuation, and private or professional investment.

You could even branch out even further, and apply for financial positions at companies in other sectors like manufacturing and technology, or even government and non-profit organisations. Wherever you choose to take your career, you can be sure that a lack of recognised qualifications won’t hold you back anymore.

attend University for finance studies.jpgYour qualification could allow you to take on challenging new responsibilities

Looking for a top quality university for finance studies?

Contact CEG ONLINE to find out how you can earn your Graduate Diploma with additional study support.   

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