Does Your Career Need a Digital Boost? Study E-Business and Social Media Online

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Gain a digital edge with an E-Business and Social Media Diploma from the University of London

E-business – the buying and selling of goods and services and provision of customer service online – is taking over for businesses and consumers alike. The rapid digitisation of business communications, transactions, and other processes presents many opportunities for new professionals and experienced workers looking to take their career to the next level, but only if they are able to gain the skills required to position themselves as digital leaders.

Courses like the University of London’s Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media present the perfect opportunity for individuals to take advantage of these technological developments and put themselves in a strong position to bring sought-after digital insights into their future career successes.  

Harness E-Commerce Growth With E-Business & Social Media Online Courses

Having a strong understanding of digital structures and e-business is critical for professionals because e-business is a fast-growing industry that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. The global e-commerce business has a value of more than $2.29 trillion USD, and is growing at a rate of 23.2% per year. In the UK, online sales accounted for more than £130 billion in 2016, 16% more than the previous year. E-commerce is a very good indicator of the health and growth of e-business as a whole, as product sales are the backbone of many business ventures. For students who study e-business & social media online courses, the budding e-commerce sector provides many opportunities to apply their skills and work in a truly innovative business sector.

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Gain a digital edge with an E-Business and Social Media Diploma from the University of London

Social Media Online Courses Help You Develop Increasingly Valuable Skills

The emergence of e-business has also fundamentally changed the way that businesses and companies communicate with the public and consumers. Social media channels are becoming increasingly visible and important platforms for engaging consumers, receiving valuable feedback, and delivering targeted messaging.

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Thrive in a social media role with an E-Business & Social Media diploma

The University of London’s Graduate Diploma in E-Business & Social Media provides students with a strong understanding of how to leverage social media for e-business with its Management and Social Media course, which covers the role of social media in business communications, methods of procuring data from social media, the stakeholders of various social media channels, and more. These skills are incredibly valuable to professionals of any stripe, whether you are working in a communications role or want a better understanding of how communications and other aspects of e-business affect each other.

A Graduate Diploma in E-Business Positions You as a Digital Leader

E-business encompasses more than just sales and social media – with the provision of client services and information also taking place online in many instances, e-business is something of a digital paradigm shift. The Graduate Diploma Programme at the University of London was developed by leading experts at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), with modules designed to give students a thorough understanding of the individual components of e-business that come together to provide a comprehensive digital perspective. With courses on social media, digital infrastructures, e-business innovation, and marketing, graduates of this programme will be equipped with cutting-edge knowledge that has cross-sector value and employer appeal – the formula for a digital career boost.

Does your career have a digital future?

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