5 Possible Career Options for Students Pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Economics

get your economics graduate diploma with ceg online.jpgTake advantage of the possibilities provided by a Graduate Diploma in Economics

With a flexible online study programme and course material developed by the renowned London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of London is a great option to develop your career.  This highly specialised course helps students develop a thorough foundation in economic principles as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios.

This expertise can make you a valuable asset for organisations in a variety of different sectors, meaning your Graduate Diploma could prepare you for a wide range of careers in many fields. Read on to get an idea of some of the many doors your qualification could open up for you.

1. Acquire the Skills Needed to Become an Economic Consultant

Economic consultants apply their expertise to meet the needs of clients in many different areas, helping them to conduct research and analyse trends in order to improve their performance.  Your Graduate Diploma could lead to entry level consulting roles in a number of sectors, including business, finance, healthcare, education, and the government.

university for economics studies.jpgA Graduate Diploma in Economics can open the door to a lucrative economic consulting career

2. Conduct Market Research After Your Online Graduate Diploma

Qualifications in economics could make you a stronger candidate in the field of market research. This area of expertise is generally concerned with researching and analysing local, regional, and national market conditions, a task that draws on both the quantitative and critical skills you can develop while attending university for economics studies. Market research is important in a variety of contexts, including specialised market research firms, government agencies, marketing agencies, and other businesses, making this a career path with exciting possibilities.

3. A Graduate Diploma in Economics Can Prepare You for Actuary Work

For students who are passionate about the quantitative side of economics, a Graduate Diploma could serve as a step toward a fulfilling career in actuarial work, using statistical analysis to quantify risk for different firms and organisations. While fully qualified actuaries need to be certified by a professional body – like the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK – qualifications in economics could help you to apply for support roles in the area such as actuarial assistants and actuarial analysts, and stand out to employers both for your numerate skills and broader understanding of economic contexts.

Graduate Diploma in Economics.jpgA Graduate Diploma in Economics could be a start to an actuarial career

4. Advanced Study Lays the Foundation for a Career in Financial Analysis

A strong understanding of economics is a crucial tool for financial analysts. Facilitating trades, making buy-and-sell recommendations to companies, strategic consulting for high-level businesses, and developing financial models can all be a part of a financial analyst’s day-to-day work. The econometrics, macro, and micro-economics coursework you will cover in your online Graduate Diploma can help you develop the big-picture perspective and quantitative nuance required to make effective decisions in these types of roles.

5. Apply Your Economics Knowledge as a Policy Analyst

Additionally, for the politically-oriented student, a career in policy analysis could be the perfect way to apply the skills acquired in an economics course. Advanced knowledge in economics can make you very valuable in the policy arena, especially when it comes to economic policy and fiscal decision-making. Economics qualifications can put you in a good position to evaluate the costs and benefits of policy in many areas, including local, regional, and national governments, NGOs, and international organisations.

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